Come learn how you can help Maryland’s Muslim community build a movement online to empower communities in our democratic process.

July 30th, 2:00 to 3:30PM
Rockville Memorial Library
First floor meeting room

RSVP to, or call 202-556-1764

Join us on Tuesday, July 25, 7-9 PM
DTMG Midterms Team Meeting
Rockville Memorial Library
21 Maryland Ave, Rockville, MD 20850

All are welcome as we build out our plans for engaging voters in Maryland and Virginia!

Our friends at Indivisible have organized a #KillTheBill National Day Of Action on Tuesday, July 18th, at local Senate offices around the country. Here’s more from Indivisible about what local DC groups will be doing.

Members of Congress only care about their own constituents and the effect this bill will have on their state, but #KillTheBill Day Of Action they won’t be home to hear from those constituents. DC groups are in a unique position to be surrogates for their friends in distant places.

TrumpCare State of Play

Monday, July 17: The Congressional Budget Office is expected to come out with a new score of the bill. There could be some minimal changes in what CBO says about this version of the bill versus the old one that make this version look “better.” But the fact is, whatever this new version of the bill looks like, it will still be WAY WORSE than current law.

As early as Tuesday, July 18 or Wednesday, July 19: Republicans could move to the first procedural vote on TrumpCare, if Mitch McConnell thinks he has the votes. That first vote is called the “motion to proceed,” and if McConnell gets 50 votes there, it’s very likely the bill will pass. A final vote could take place as soon as Thursday, July 20.

Goal, Strategy, Tactics

We want to protect the health coverage of millions of Americans by preventing TrumpCare from passing in the Senate. We know that Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans would like to see a vote on the bill as soon as Thursday, July 20. That means we have less than a week to act.

To delay or defeat the bill, we need to undercut the deals they’re trying to make with the final holdouts — Senators Capito, Murkowski, Heller, Sullivan, Collins — with constituent pressure. Indivisible groups across the nation will participate in a coordinated Day of Action to demonstrate our unending opposition to this effort. Because you live near the Capital, you’re in a unique position to meet the most influential players where they’re at.

MoCs only care about their own constituents and the effect this bill will have on their state. They won’t be home to hear from those constituents, so we need you to be a surrogate for your friends in distant places. You can bring their stories to the DC offices of the Senators that are most likely to vote ‘No’.

Plan a visit to a crucial Senator’s DC office

On Tuesday, July 18, we will have a national Day of Action against TrumpCare. Local groups in the DC metro area have a unique opportunity to support Indivisible members who are constituents of the Senators who want to hide from their constituents on this.

Indivisible members across the DMV will gather near the Russell building and then head out to Senate offices to tell the stories of affected people who haven’t been able to reach their Senators, and who can’t travel this far just to tell their stories.  After that, we’ll join other progressive groups at the People’s Filibuster in Upper Senate Park.

This action will mirror similar events at the same Senators’ regional offices back home on the same day! Constituents will be gathering en masse to protest the bill, share their stories, and leave a scrapbook of health care stories at the offices.

For more information, please visit the Indivisible #KillTheBill Day Of Action page. If you live outside the Washington, DC area, please visit the #KillTheBill National Day Of Action page.

At the request of the oil and gas industry, the EPA is proposing to delay for two years and reconsider standards that were established in 2016 for emissions of greenhouse gases, particularly methane, smog-forming volatile organic compounds (VOC), and cancer-causing chemicals such as benzene, from the oil and natural gas wells, compressors and pneumatic pumps. The 2016 Final Rule requires oil and gas companies to monitor wells and compressor stations at regular intervals to detect leaks of air pollutants and to repair the leaks promptly. Rolling back these emission standards will have a high negative impact on the environment and on health, particularly the health of children in areas where oil and gas wells are located. The comment period for this proposed stay is open until August 9, 2017. The notice of the stay and the place to comment is here on Use the “Comment Now” button that is in the upper right of the page. For reference, the full 2016 Final Rule is here. To assist you in making relevant comments about why the proposed stay is harmful, see Olivia Bartlett’s testimony at the July 10, 2017 hearing at the EPA (attached). See below for some points raised by others at the hearing on July 10th that you may also want to include in your comments:

  • Methane is 80-times more harmful than CO2 as a greenhouse gas, so “wait and see” is not appropriate.
  • The 2016 Final Rule requirements are necessary to reduce disease and increase health. Scientific studies have shown that populations in areas with oil and gas wells have increased health problems, including premature birth, and asthma and other respiratory problems, which correlate with well density and well emissions. Exposures during a 2-yr stay likely to have lifelong consequences for kids.
  • Many schools are located within a half mile of a gas well – which contributes to asthma attacks and missed school days for kids. For example, more than 1000 schools in Pennsylvania are located within a half mile of a gas well. Ohio has the highest number of schools within a half mile of a well.
  • Proposed stay is unethical and immoral, since EPA acknowledges that the stay will disproportionately affect children.
  • Methane leaks also kill fish and wildlife in the area.
  • The proposed rules are practical and affordable. Oil and gas companies have the technology to meet the emission requirements in the 2016 Final rule. Companies that operate in states such as Colorado, which have state regulations that are as strict or stricter than those proposed in the 2016 Final Rule have not lost profitability.
  • Finding and fixing leaks will save more than $1.5 Billion per year in wasted American energy.
  • Strong EPA rules push innovation by industry.
  • The proposed rollback is an attack on families in favor of polluters.
  • Business benefits from a healthy population, so controlling emissions is good for business.

Attend Active Bystander Intervention Training hosted by SSSNA, Impact Silver Spring, MCCRC, and SURJ-MoCo, on Tuesday, July 25, 2017, from 7-9pm at the Silver Spring Civic Building.

Register here.

Rally for Healthcare has teamed up with OUR LIVES ON THE LINE, to organize a National Rally for Healthcare on SATURDAY, JULY 29th. We oppose the aggressive, secretive manner in which this bill is being rushed to the Senate floor. For those who can’t make it to Washington, D.C., we encourage supporters to host sister rallies in their own states and to stand with us in solidarity.

Healthcare must be a right for all and not a privilege for the few. Democrats and Republicans are patients first. It’s time for Congress to prioritize patients over politics!
We are outraged by the rushed passage of the American Health Care Act without public hearings, and without input from the medical community or consumers. We are rallying on July 29th to stop Congress from further damaging our healthcare system and millions of American families. Legislation pending in Congress would cause as many as 24 million Americans to lose coverage; roll back funding for lifesaving services like cancer screenings, maternity care, and substance use disorder treatment; and dramatically scale back Medicaid, causing irreparable harm to the most vulnerable among us.

In Washington, D.C., we’ll be rallying at the Warner Theatre, starting at 5PM.
RSVP today, and make sure to bring some friends along!

For those who can’t make it to Washington, D.C., we encourage supporters to host sister rallies in their own states and to stand with us in solidarity.

On July 12 and July 26 DoTheMostGood and the Woman’s Democratic Club will hold phone banks in Montgomery County to help restore the right to vote for thousands of disenfranchised voters in Virginia. Sign Up here using our Phone Bank Scheduler. Look for the “Restore Rights” phone banks.

On April 22, 2016, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe signed an historic executive order restoring the voting rights of an estimated 206,000 disenfranchised Virginians who had served their sentences for a felony conviction. Unfortunately, on July 22, 2016, the Virginia Supreme Court ruled that Gov. McAuliffe didn’t have the authority for such a proclamation, and called for state registrars to cancel the voter registration of all felons who registered to vote under the Governor’s order. After the decision, McAuliffe pledged to move quickly to ensure the 13,000 people who had registered to vote before their rights were stripped away by the court would be able to cast ballots this fall. His administration processed each felon’s paperwork individually to comply with the ruling, and McAuliffe said he would continue to sign orders until he had “completed restoration for all 200,000 Virginians.”

We are working with New Virginia Majority to conduct phone banks reaching out to disenfranchised Virginians to inform them that they can get their voting rights back. Jim Crow-era laws took away the voting rights of citizens with criminal convictions; today it is up to us to see that these rights are restored.

Sign Up here using our Phone Bank Scheduler. Look for the “Restore Rights” phone banks.

Watch the Restoration of Rights video:

UPDATED: The date for this event has passed.
Join us in Annapolis on July 9th to shine a light on Gov. Hogan’s failure to protect Marylanders’ access to healthcare and Medicaid and his veto of paid sick leave!

We’re gathering on Lawyer’s Mall, next door to Government House, to demand that Governor Hogan stand up for Marylanders.

  • His veto of earned sick leave was a slap in the face of tens of thousands of workers who can’t afford to take time away from work to see a doctor if they won’t get paid.
  • His failure to take an aggressive stand against the Senate (and previously the House) bills to repeal and replace the ACA
  • His failure to guarantee that Maryland will protect access to healthcare, Medicaid and Planned Parenthood should the Republicans succeed in passing their plan.

Come out and make your voice heard.
RSVP and Give/Get a Ride

Traveling together from Takoma Park: Meet in the TPSS Co-op parking lot at 12 noon.

Make a Sign: “Save Medicaid, Save Lives” • “You had paid sick leave, Governor, what about us?” • or whatever you choose!

An effort spearheaded by Harvard Medicine Indivisible (HMI) in cooperation with Indivisible MoCo, SEIU and others has produced an innovation web-based dialer program that allows us to call constituents in Republican states who are opposed to the GOP plan and offer to connect them directly to their own Senators straight from the web-interface. The call to the Senator reflects the phone number of their constituent, not yours. Calls can be made in the evening as well as the daytime, and we can provide a brief message you can pass on to your caller (vote NO on TrumpCare!) before connecting them the the Senator’s office.

We are holding phone banks on Thursdays starting June 22nd, and continuing through July. Sign up here!

Our friends at Rockville Resistance are hosting The For-Profit Presidency Forum. Do The Most Good MoCo is pleased to be a partner in this important event. This is a free event but space is limited and tickets are required.

Please join us for an educational forum with distinguished speakers to address questions posed by our daily headlines:

What do the U.S. Constitution, laws, and established norms provide about conflicts of interests and ethics in the executive branch?

How do President Trump, his family, and his administration measure up?

How important is this? Are we harmed?

What can Congress, the courts, and citizens do?

Learn about current lawsuits under the “emoluments” clauses

Learn about the limits of Congressional oversight and the impeachment process

Learn what public advocacy groups are doing

Learn how you can help them and what you can do

Learn how historical movements succeed, and how they fail

Our panel includes:
A U.S. Congressman and constitutional law scholar
A former ethics counsel to the Obama-Biden presidential transition
A leading historian of American political movements
Respected leaders of key public interest groups acting to ensure integrity in government

Click here to go to the ticketing site

Do The Most Good MoCo is working with our friends at J Walkers Action Group and Progressive Action MoCo, and the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee to help fill the vacancies in the precinct chair organization across the county. Supporting the Maryland Democratic Party’s Summer of Resistance and Renewal, precinct chairs will play a key role in connecting with their neighbors, forming communities around our shared values, and turning out the vote for Democrats up and down the ballot in 2018. Interested? Send an email to

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