DoTheMostGood Montgomery County, MD (DTMG MoCo) is committed to bringing together like-minded people to protect and further inclusive, progressive values in our community and our nation. Our volunteers will:

  • Act with respect and kindness as an inclusive community, while standing up to hatred and bigotry in every form.
  • Support policies and actions of government and nongovernmental organizations with which we agree and make our voices heard when we disagree.
  • Act locally to make our community a more inclusive, safer place and support others dedicated to these goals.
  • Encourage our membership to join forces with existing organizations share our goals. Support positions based on scientific consensus.


DoTheMostGood MoCo was formed in December 2016 by a small group of Hillary for America volunteers, some of whom had attended a "Do The Most Good" meeting organized in Ellicott City one week after the election. The organizers of that meeting encouraged attendees to mobilize their own communities.

The founding members of DTMG MoCo are seasoned political volunteers with years of experience working on local, state, and national political campaigns. Thus, along with resisting current attacks on our values, we will also focus on helping elect progressive candidates, locally and, to the best of our ability, nationally.


A volunteer organization, DTMG MoCo welcomes anyone who shares our values, regardless of party affiliation. We operate with an executive director, steering committee, legislative liaison, and issue-focused teams. We take positions and actions as an organization through our steering committee, while also encouraging members to act individually. As a community of well-informed activists, we work closely with established advocacy organizations, political groups, and legislators to defend and promote progressive values and therefore DoTheMostGood.