Governor Hogan Is Not As Moderate As You Think!

…and Democrats may not have a super-majority in the next four years to protect you from him.

Maryland’s constitution makes our Governor the most powerful in the nation. That means we need a Governor who will put the people of Maryland first, not cronies and special interests. In his current term, Larry Hogan tried to cloak himself as a moderate in order to win a second term. Should he be re-elected, he will not need to accommodate Democrats and progressives at all; his true Republican colors will fly.  And, if Democrats were to be without a supermajority in any of those next four years, it would be very hard to push back on Hogan’s agenda, as Democrats have done time and again these past four years. 

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Hogan Is Not for Transparency and Openness in Government

Hogan, a real estate developer, has refused to release his tax returns.Hogan tried to block critics from official Facebook page,

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Hogan Has Failed to Protect Maryland Workers

Job growth in Maryland lags behind Virginia and unemployment rate is higher than national average. Hogan vetoed paid sick leave for

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Hogan Favors Roads Over Mass Transit…And High Tolls Are Likely

Hogan wants to let private companies widen 270 and 495 and build “managed lanes” with potentially high tolls.Hogan torpedoed the

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Hogan Backs Weaker Gun Controls

The National Rifle Association (NRA) rated Hogan A- and endorsed him in 2014.Hogan opposed the bump stock ban and only signed legislation

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Hogan Puts Business Interests Ahead of the Environment

Under Hogan, enforcement of environmental crimes is the lowest it’s been in two decades.Hogan vetoed a bill to speed up

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Maryland’s Health Care Is At Risk Under Hogan

Hogan hasn’t offered a plan, after the short term fix expires, to stabilize health insurance market and costs in Maryland.

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Maryland’s Public Schools Declined Under Hogan

Maryland school rankings by Education Week have dropped every year since Hogan took officeHogan repeatedly tried to cut funds for

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