Attend a MDOT Workshop on Highway Road Widening Plans and Let Them Know You Oppose Toll Lanes

The Maryland Department of Transportation is holding six public workshops in Montgomery County on their proposals to construct toll roads on

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Kirwan blueprint for schools bill introduced

The Blueprint for Maryland's Future (HB1413 / SB1030) came before the Rules Committee on Monday, March 4. Establishing principles

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Support environment bills in the Maryland Legislature

DTMG supports six environmental bills and we already have some success stories; you will see them highlighted below. The

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Support transportation bills that protect the environment

Both of these transportation bills help protect the environment and our communities by strengthening planning provisions. Sadly, both are

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Support these important immigration bills

DTMG is supporting three bills promoting immigration justice that have been introduced in the Maryland Legislature.  (more…)

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In search of better ways to vote

DoTheMostGood is supporting a package of bills moving through the Maryland General Assembly this year that will improve voter

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Legislative Advocacy Template

This is a phone script, but you can use it for emails by taking out the support questions and

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Help DTMG Support Maryland health care bills

We have had some big successes, but there is still work to be done. Five important health care related

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Share a Personal Story About High Drug Costs

The Maryland Citizens Health Initiative is collecting personal stories about how individuals and families have been affected by the

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Comment Period for EPA Rollback on CO2 Emissions Extended to March 18

The Environmental Protection Agency is proposing to eliminate Carbon Capture Sequestration (CCS) requirements for new, modified and reconstructed fossil fuel-fired

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Ban Foam Food Containers in Maryland

DTMG has joined with our friends at the Sierra Club to support Expanded Polystyrene Food Service Products - Prohibition (HB109/SB285),

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Assist Asylum-Seekers Arriving In Our Area From The Southern Border

Join with DTMG and local aid groups  to assist newly arriving immigrants who are seeking asylum.  (more…)

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RCV Day of Action:
Raise Your Voices, Rank Your Choices

Wednesday, January 23 is a Day of Action for Ranked Choice Voting all across Maryland. (more…)

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Support the Sierra Club’s Five Environmental Legislative Priorities

Our friends at the Sierra Club have identified five priorities for the Maryland State Legislature.  You can learn more

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Join Webinars hosted by the Sierra Club of Maryland

Register for two important webinars, hosted by our friends at the Sierra Club of Maryland, addressing their priorities for

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Support Ranked Choice Voting

A proposed Maryland state bill (MC 29-19) would enable Montgomery County to investigate and, if it chooses, adopt ranked

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Stand With Border Communities and Those Seeking Sanctuary

Our allies at The Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival  urge you to write to members

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Speak Out Now! Proposed Rule Threatens Immigrant Health, Nutrition and Housing

Background: The US has a long-standing rule that persons who are deemed likely to become a “public charge” (permanently

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Attend a County Exec-Elect Listening Forum

Montgomery County Executive-Elect Marc Elrich is hosting five public listening session forums for Montgomery County residents to share their

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Educate Yourself for Action

These four important issues affect Health Care coverage for millions of Americans.  Be informed and take action! Don’t tolerate

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Help Spread the Word: ACA Open Enrollment Nov 1 – Dec 15

Please Help Hand Out ACA Flyers on Dec. 8 With the Trump Administration continuing to do everything it can

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Support Mike Espy in Nov. 27 Runoff Election for U.S. Senator from Mississippi

We can help elect Democrat Mike Espy of Mississippi to the United States Senate in the November 27 run-off election.  The

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Voters approved a constitutional amendment in 2008 whereby Casino revenues would be used to provide additional support for education,

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Sign up Here to Get Out The Vote

Our shoe leather for the GOTV effort can make the difference.

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Help Staff Democratic Tables During Early Voting

The Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee is looking for volunteers to staff MCDCC tables at the 11 Early Voting

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Canvass, Call, Text!

We're Down to the Wire! There are lots of ways you can help with the final big push.  This

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Stop Long Term Child and Family Detentions – Preserve Flores

Preserve the Flores Settlement Agreement!  Don't let the government gut Flores and hold asylum-seeking children and families indefinitely in jail-like conditions. 

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Host or Attend a House Party to Join Ben Jealous’ Medicare for All Livestream

Ben Jealous will be leading a video livestream discussion of his Single-Payer healthcare plan for Maryland on October 11. Health care

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MoCo County Executive Forums

Come and hear our own Marc Elrich and the other candidates for Montgomery County Executive discuss the issues facing

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Remind ICC Commuters To Vote

Our friends at Indivisible Montgomery will hold banners and wave flags at communters on the Inter County Connector during

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