Environment / Science

Attend a MDOT Workshop on Highway Road Widening Plans and Let Them Know You Oppose Toll Lanes

The Maryland Department of Transportation is holding six public workshops in Montgomery County on their proposals to construct toll roads on

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DTMG hosts stimulating transportation forum

We had a great DTMG Transportation Forum on Saturday morning, March 9, with over 100 people in attendance.  (more…)

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Two Key Transportation Bills

These two key transportation bills help protect the environment and our communities by strengthening planning provisions. What You Can

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Support environment bills in the Maryland Legislature

DTMG supports six environmental bills and we already have some success stories; you will see them highlighted below. The

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Support transportation bills that protect the environment

Both of these transportation bills help protect the environment and our communities by strengthening planning provisions. Sadly, both are

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Comment Period for EPA Rollback on CO2 Emissions Extended to March 18

The Environmental Protection Agency is proposing to eliminate Carbon Capture Sequestration (CCS) requirements for new, modified and reconstructed fossil fuel-fired

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Ban Foam Food Containers in Maryland

DTMG has joined with our friends at the Sierra Club to support Expanded Polystyrene Food Service Products - Prohibition (HB109/SB285),

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Support the Sierra Club’s Five Environmental Legislative Priorities

Our friends at the Sierra Club have identified five priorities for the Maryland State Legislature.  You can learn more

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Join Webinars hosted by the Sierra Club of Maryland

Register for two important webinars, hosted by our friends at the Sierra Club of Maryland, addressing their priorities for

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Fourth National Climate Assessment Released

On Thanksgiving weekend 2018 the White House released a Congressionally mandated report,  The Fourth National Climate Assessment,  detailing the

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Say NO to “Lexus Lanes” in Maryland

Do you know about Governor Hogan's big, expensive project to add toll lanes to I-270 and the Beltway in

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Volunteer for the September 9 Climate Rally

Volunteers are needed to help make banners for this important climate action, co-sponsored by  DTMG. (more…)

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Join the Elders Climate Action Webinar

In our politically charged environment, can we still take action on climate? Or is it too late? Join a

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Stand Up for the Science and the Environment!

Here are two things you can do right now to protect our environment:   By June 19th: submit comments

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Keep Dirty Truck Engines Off the Road

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is taking comments on its move to repeal regulations that keep new trucks outfitted

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Mobilize for clean renewable energy with Mike Tidwell

What:Campaign for Clean, Renewable Energy: A Conversation Mike Tidwell, founder and executive director of CCAN When: Thursday, November 9th, 7-9pmWhere:Seeker’s Church

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Tell MoCo Council to vote YES for wind & solar

The vote scheduled for October 31  was postponed, so there is still time to call/email MoCo council members!The Montgomery

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Marylanders Speak to Governor Hogan

On Oct. 4, Cast Your Vote on What Marylanders Expect of Our Governor! Since January, many Marylanders have been

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Submit Comments to Stop EPA Rollback of 2016 Rules about Emissions from Oil and Gas Wells

At the request of the oil and gas industry, the EPA is proposing to delay for two years and

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There is Still Time to Protect our National Monuments!

The Department of the Interior has delayed making a decision about Bears Ears National Monument and is still taking

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Tell Gov. Hogan Maryland Must Join the U.S. Climate Alliance

TAKE THIS ACTION NOW! There are 3 ways to pressure Gov. Hogan to do the right thing and join

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Fourth Annual “Play-in” for Climate Action

Speak up for Climate Action! Attend the Fourth Annual "Play-in" for Climate Action Sponsored by Mom's Clean Air Force

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