We Need You to Turn Out Dems for June 26 Primary

We’ve turned our canvassing and phone banking focus onto Maryland for the near future…specifically on Montgomery County and turning out Democrats to vote in the June 26 Democratic Primary election. Because MoCo is so heavily Democratic, decisions on who will be our county councilmembers and state delegates are basically made in the primary. 

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There is a significant group of registered Democrats who historically don’t vote in Midterm Elections. This has a lot to do with Maryland suffering under a Republican Governor…if the registered Dems who voted in the 2012 Presidential election had also voted in the 2014 election, Larry Hogan would likely not be our Governor today. 

So, we’ve teamed up with our partners at J Walkers and joined forces with the Montgomery County Democratic Party to turnout those “dropoff Dems” for the June 26 Primary and the Nov 6 election. Our first priority is canvassing in prioritized MoCo precincts, but we’re phone banking to these voters as well.

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Meanwhile, polls continue to show Governor Hogan with high favorability ratings that are out of sync with the reality of his administration.

Check out these talking points on how Larry Hogan Shortchanges Maryland.