DTMG is committed to working here in Maryland and across the region and the country to ensure that as many progressive Democratic candidates are elected to local, state and national office. 2018 is a huge year for Maryland and the entire country.

Coordinated Campaign Kicks off in Maryland

Canvassers knocked doors in six Maryland counties on August 4 as the Maryland Coordinated Campaign launched a transformative ground game to get Democrats to the polls on November 6. DoTheMost Good was well-represented at canvass launches in Kensington on Saturday morning and afternoon. Together with J Walkers, we will be organizing canvass launches and phone banks in conjunction with the coordinated campaign every weekend. Midweek phonebanks and canvasses are in the works, too. For more info, check out our voter outreach action page

Maryland June 2018 Primary Election Results

Primary Election results are in and it is time to start supporting our nominees.  Candidates appearing on November ballots in Montgomery County are listed here.  After a partial recount for County Executive, Marc Elrich retained a 77 vote lead; and David Blair, the runner-up, pledged to throw his support behind Elrich in November.  The District 16 race for state delegate was even closer, but a recount did not change the initial results; Sara Love edged out Samir Paul by fourteen votes.  If you’re curious about the rest of the state or want more detail, visit the Maryland Board of Elections.

Look Back: Democracy Bootcamp May 12

Check out some photos and resources from our a great day of exercising our resistance muscles!


We are committed to our partnership with JWalkers Action Group (JWAG) to work post-primaries on behalf of Democratic candidates in special and Midterm elections across the country.

  • Our partnership conducted 55 phone banks for Jon Ossoff in the first round of the 6th District of Georgia election to fill the Congressional seat recently vacated by Tom Price when he was nominated as the Secretary of HHS. We made over 22,000 phone calls into the district then, and we are now approaching 10,000 additional calls as we ramp up to the Get Out the Vote Phase for both Jon Ossoff and Archie Parnell who is running for an open seat in the 5th District of South Carolina. Both elections take place on June 20.
  • We are scaling up and looking towards playing a role in many other contests. One of our early priorities are the 2017 state legislative contests, including the Governorships in Virginia, and possibly New Jersey.
  • As we look towards 2018, we are planning our strategy to engage strategically in elections where there is a realistic chance to flip red seats blue.

In Maryland

Our two-pronged approach is focused on:

  • Building the infrastructure and launching initiatives to deliver a much higher turnout for progressive candidates in Montgomery County and in Maryland than we have seen in recent elections.
  • Motivating people to vote by raising awareness of what hangs in the balance in these elections and of “shining a light” on the policies—or non-policies—of Governor Hogan that do not reflect our values.

We are committed to sharing our skills and capacity in the redder parts of Maryland to support efforts to flip more seats blue.

What to Watch For:

  • Action Alerts to make calls and canvass for specific candidates or issues
  • Training for Action Leads who will manage phone banks, canvass drives and other actions
  • An increasing focus on “calling out” Governor Hogan #WheresLarry

Contact us: elections@dothemostgoodmoco.org

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